Making Foods Fit

We live in a foodie eat food kind of world. Social media is populated with tasty dishes to satisfy any palate. No wonder obesity is on the rise! Heck, we have even developed a new word to define our indulgences, #foodporn. In my world though, eating flavorful food doesn't mean I have to rob the calorie bank. So here's my shtick... I like to cook, I like to eat... a lot... So I make fun, flavorful dishes that can satisfy even the most picky foodie palate and I stay fit while doing it!

My name is Shawna Bayerman. I am a dietitian by day and self proclaimed chef by night. Contrary to the image of my profession, I do not believe in "diets." I believe in styles of eating, or dietary patterns. My dietary pattern is full of flavorful, fun foods that are as local and sustainable as possible. I believe food is not only an essential form of nutrition but a means of comfort and a pretty good way of making people happy.

In the Recipes section of this blog you will find my recipes that are chock full of love and easy on the love handles.  Please feel free to send me your questions that aren't already answered here at It just might make it into my blog. If you're asking, then it's likely that other people are asking too!


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